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London International Patient Services provides expert Ear, Nose and Throat treatment by world-renowned consultant surgeons in cutting-edge facilities across central London.

London International Patient Services provides expert Ear, Nose and Throat treatment by world-renowned consultant surgeons in cutting-edge facilities across central London. Founded and run by clinicians, LIPS delivers exceptional ENT care to adults and children from across the world.

From sleep apnoea, to sinus pain and difficulties swallowing, problems with the ears, nose and throat can be painful and debilitating. Whether you have developed new symptoms or want a second opinion from a leading ENT specialist, LIPS can provide first-class assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

The surgeons at LIPS have extensive experience and outstanding surgical ability. They provide the latest evidence-led treatments, innovative robotic surgery, and state-of-the-art rehabilitation to ease your symptoms and restore your quality of life.

ENT Surgery by internationally-renowned surgeons

Mr Asit Arora leads the Ear, Nose and Throat surgical team at London International Patient Services.

He is an award winning ENT, Airway, and Head and Neck consultant surgeon. In addition to his work at LIPS, Mr Arora is a consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals treating all types of ENT problems in adults and children as well as being a tertiary referral specialist for airway management and head and neck cancer surgery.

Mr Arora is a highly-qualified ENT surgeon. He completed advanced surgical training and took on two prestigious head and neck fellowships, in Hamburg, Germany and St George’s Hospital, London. An accomplished minimally-invasive surgeon, Mr Arora is a pioneer for head and neck robotic surgery in the UK and established the first training program for transoral robotic surgery.

Mr Arora is very active in both research and education. He presents nationally and internationally. Recently he was part of the team that produced and presented an influential consensus document on managing airways and improving recovery in ventilated patients with Covid-19.


Specialist consultant care

LIPS brings together a highly-skilled group of experienced consultants who are acknowledged experts in their fields. LIPS selects consultants with significant reputations, working at the top of their specialty in prestigious London teaching hospitals

When you make an ENT appointment at LIPS, Mr Arora will provide individual support and care from your first consultation through investigation, surgery and rehabilitation.

Whether you have head and neck cancer, thyroid disease or salivary gland problems, embarking on surgical treatment can be stressful. LIPS helps make your patient journey more calm and comfortable. You can be reassured that the surgeons and nurses will know your name and understand your treatment. The team will always be available to answer your questions and address any concerns. LIPS provides translation support for our many international patients, to assist effective communication.

Dedicated multidisciplinary team

Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery problems are complex; they can affect your breathing, your voice, your hearing and your ability to swallow. To ensure you get the very best results, LIPS has an expert multidisciplinary team to support your recovery.

Highly-trained radiologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, audiologists and ENT specialist nurses have access the latest technology and cutting-edge equipment. They will provide support and specialist care throughout your treatment and rehabilitation.

Comprehensive care for the ear, nose and throat

LIPS provides expert assessment, investigation and treatment for adults and children with all kinds of ENT problems.

LIPS provides specialist care for:

• Head and neck cancer
• Minimally invasive head and neck surgery
• Neck lumps
• Swallowing problems
• Airway management
• Tracheostomy
• Obstructive sleep apnoea
• Snoring and sleep disturbance
• Thyroid disease
• Parathyroid disease

• General ENT including treatment for glue ear
• Robotic surgery
• Tonsillectomy
• Adenoid removal
• Nose conditions
• Salivary gland surgery
• Vocal problems
• Hearing loss
• Sinus surgery

The best specialist for your ear, nose and throat problem

The experienced clinicians at LIPS work closely as a team, meaning that you can access high-quality, individualised healthcare through a single point of contact. If following assessment, your consultant believes your symptoms would be best treated by another expert, they will provide swift, seamless and hassle-free transition to another skilled specialist.
Mr Arora frequently works in conjunction with Mr Alastair Fry, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, to provide specialist head and neck care. They are internationally-recognized for their treatment of cancers of the face, mouth, jaw and neck, the early diagnosis and removal of precancerous lesions, and reconstruction following cancer therapy. They run an NHS centre of excellence and provide skilled surgery and exceptional private cancer care for LIPS patients. Link to head and neck page

Minimally-invasive surgery

Mr Asit Arora operates in a minimally-invasive way whenever it is appropriate for his patients. Minimally-invasive or ‘keyhole’ surgery offers patients smaller scars, shorter hospital stays, fewer complications and a quicker recovery than traditional open operations.
Mr Arora pioneered robotic ENT surgery in the UK. At LIPS, he operates using revolutionary robotic technology to support his surgical skills. The innovative system ensures greater precision and accuracy combined and also improves recovery times.

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