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If you would like to refer your patients for private treatment to one

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Your Patient is
in Safe Hands

Our aim is to make your patients’ care as flexible

and convenient as possible.

Unaffected by NHS Cancellations

LIPS provides elective surgery, enabling the NHS to prioritize primary and emergency care. Because of this, our patients are unaffected by NHS cancellations of surgeries.

Alleviating Surgery Waiting Lists

Our additional capacity helps alleviate pressure on NHS surgery waiting lists which both decreases patient waiting times and reduces the NHS’ workload.

Affordable Care for Self-Pay Patients

Some patients wish to pay for their own care – we offer affordable treatments to self-pay patients while maintaining the same level of quality for everyone, regardless of how their care is funded.

Fast Access to Treatment for All

Due to exceptional pain and discomfort, or outstanding work commitments, it may not be feasible for some patients to wait for treatment – we aim to see both NHS and self-pay patients fast.

Post-Surgery Care & Follow-up

Our care continues after a patient’s surgery. Within a day of treatment, we contact the patient to check that they are recovering well – we also inform their GP, letting them know the patient has been discharged.

Top Ratings by CQC & Patient Recommendations

All LIPS hospitals and surgical centers are proud to be rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC and have high levels of patient recommendation.

Safety with Strict Infection Control

All of our hospitals and surgical centers employ rigorous cleaning schedules and practice strict infection prevention and control procedures – this keeps our patients safe and the infection rate very low.

Accessible Facilities & Free Parking

Our buildings are accessible to all, and many feature free on-site parking for patients and their relatives.


We’ve made it simple

Our aim is to make your patients’ care as flexible and convenient as possible. We use the same governance and accountability procedures and standards as the NHS. Rest assured, your patient will be well looked after.

Asked Questions

Common referral questions we receive from healthcare professionals.

Where can I see the Quality Account report?

We publish our quality accounts on an annual basis. Read our current Quality Account reports.

What treatments are available to my patients?

We offer a wide range of surgical treatments. Details of the treatments can be found here.

Who are your Specialist Consultants?

We are proud to offer a fully Specialist Consultant-delivered service.

Who can my patients speak to after their treatment?

To help patients recover post-treatment, each hospital has a Patient Advice Line, which can be found on the hospital patient and visitor information pages. Patients can call us anytime to speak to a member of the clinical team. This helpline is designed to ensure that recovery is as speedy and successful as possible, so please advise your patients to use it as much as they need to.

Where can I find referral forms?

  • AMD referral form

  • Gastroscopy referral form

  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy referral form

  • Oral surgery referral form


Refarral Form

Step 1.

Fill the patient information



Step 1.

Fill the referrer information


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