Mr Steven Millington performing surgery live on TV


On Wednesday, 14th  November 2018, one of our consultants Mr Steven Millington will perform a total knee replacement surgery live on Channel 5. This rare opportunity invites the audience behind the scenes for a unique experience. The life-changing operation will be presented stripped-back and uncut from inside the operating theatre at The Royal London Hospital of Barts Health NHS Trust. The largely unmediated insight into surgery is aiming to present the incredible skills and teamwork that the procedure demands. Their lives – his hands.

“Our surgical teams together with staff across our hospitals are rightly . We are grateful to our patients and their families in supporting us with these programmes.

“Watching our surgeon Steve Millington and his team perform a routine total knee replacement live on national television was truly fascinating. Knee replacements are used to repair damaged or worn out joints by removing the damaged cartilage and replacing it with metal and plastic devices. We are thrilled that Channel 5 displayed world-class treatment provided by our surgeons. We are proud of Steve Millington’s professionalism and tremendous care provided. If you’ve missed this exciting episode, you can catch up on My5.”