How a CrossFit/ Calisthenics athlete recovered from a fully ruptured bicep tendon – Miss Claire Fitzgerald’s Testimonial

How a CrossFit/ Calisthenics athlete recovered from a fully ruptured bicep tendon


"I first met with Miss Fitzgerald in February 2019 after having suffered a full rupture of my left distal bicep tendon following an accident on the gymnastics rings.

Miss Fitzgerald diagnosed the tear almost immediately and then listened attentively, addressing and answering all the many questions and concerns I had, thoroughly. I knew I had met with the surgeon that would provide the best possible options for my particular situation. At no point did I feel pressurised into undergoing one method of treatment over the other. I was presented with clear facts regarding both the surgical and conservative approaches, and following a short period of reflection, made the decision to have the tendon surgically repaired.


The surgery took place at the London Bridge Hospital where I was provided with an excellent level of care by all practitioners involved in the procedure.

Miss Fitzgerald and I have had several follow up appointments since the surgery and she has monitored the progress of my recovery throughout. Upon my final review 5.5 months following the operation, I was pleased to inform her that I had regained almost full strength in my left arm, had no mobility limitations and that my training regime was back in full swing. I firmly believe that this is down to the outstanding treatment plan that Miss Fitzgerald set out for me from day 1. I have spoken with several other individuals who have suffered a similar injury and needed 8 months - 1 year to regain full range of motion and still struggle with pulling and pushing movements such as ‘pull-ups’ and ‘push press.’ It was so important for me to get my training back on track as quickly and safely as possible, so I can’t thank her enough for this.

Update as of 6.7.20- Regained full strength in the left arm. Nerve discomfort dissipated almost completely one year following surgery and am back competing as a CrossFit/ Calisthenics athlete."

By a verified patient.