Dr Vijay Kolli is joining us!

Dr Vijay Kolli is joining us!

We are pleased to announce that Dr Vijay Kolli will be joining us!
Dr Kolli works as the Clinical Lead of Amputee and Complex MSK trauma rehab at Douglas Bader rehab centre, in addition to his role as an honorary consultant in Amputee Rehabilitation at Imperial College and is a PPD tutor at St George’s medical school in London.

With his extensive knowledge in the field of amputee rehabilitation, he works with the major trauma team at St George’s hospital and has had a key role in establishing the first complex MSK trauma rehab clinic in London with NHS setting. He has experience with a large scale of cases including complex multiple limb amputee cases, paediatric limb deficiencies and osseointegration patients. He also formulates rehabilitation plans for patients with brain injury, spinal cord injury and musculoskeletal injuries within a multidisciplinary setting.
We are very excited to have Dr Kolli on board.