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Varicose Vein Surgery

London International Patient Services provides world-class varicose vein surgery in state-of-the-art facilities across central London.

Why LIPS for Varicose Vein Surgery?

LIPS is physician-led and dedicated to providing outstanding care for varicose vein patients.

Our highly skilled vascular surgeon is a recognized expert in varicose vein treatment. Our specialist have extensive experience diagnosing and treating  varicose veins. With expertise in the most advanced procedures.


For severe or chronic venous disease, trust us to deliver exemplary varicose vein diagnosis and treatment based on the most innovative and evidence-based techniques. Our goal is to provide each patient with utmost relief from their symptoms and freedom to move without pain

Comprehensive Care for Varicose Vein

Whether you have swollen, twisting veins, persistent cramping and aching in your legs, or are suffering from venous ulcers, we provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for varicose veins. Our experienced vascular specialists have successfully treated numerous patients with varicose veins, allowing them to get back to living an active and pain-free life. For severe varicosities and venous disorders, trust LIPS for advanced vein care and healthy legs for life

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