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Don’t let injury ruin your enjoyment of movement

At London International Patient Services, we pride ourselves on the experience and reputation of our sports injuries consultants

Sports Surgery

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Don’t let an injury ruin your enjoyment of movement

Each of our specialists is highly qualified experts in their own field with a wide range of experience treating elite athletes, as well as amateur sportsmen and women. We have an extensive network of physiotherapists who work with our consultants to provide the best possible treatment for any sports-related injury or musculoskeletal condition. Our specialists will tailor a personalised rehabilitation programme to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Be Treated At One Of London’s Leading Hospitals. By One Of London’s Leading Orthopaedic Consultants

As specialists in the management of sports injuries, patients are referred to us for evaluation and treatment from all over the world.

Our surgeons are experienced in treating you for a variety of conditions

  • ACL reconstruction
  • Ligament tears and injury
  • Meniscal injuries and repair
  • Shoulder instability
  • Joint surface (chondral) damage
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fractures (e,g, tibial plateau, clavicle fracture, ankle fracture)
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Arthroscopy (key-hole surgery)

Receive treatment by world-class Specialists in London

With London International Patient Services, you can undergo treatment by leading London sports Specialists at top London hospitals like the London Clinic, London Bridge Hospital or The Wellington Hospital

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