Case Study: Sports Injury to Spinal Tumour

Case Study

Sports Injury to Spinal Tumour

 Mr Duncan May













“Listen to your body, before, during and after” is Mr May’s precious advice. The story of Mr May goes back to early January 2020 when he started experiencing shooting pain in his right glute going to his right hamstrings, a common symptom for multiple diseases such as disc prolapse. He perceived this to be a sports injury caused by lifting weights, so he went to his doctor to get it checked.


To his surprise and dismay, the doctor told him it was out of his domain and recommended Mr Ahmed Ibrahim. In a split second, Mr May went from dealing with a sports injury to possibly dealing with cancer.

“All I remember is the word lesion and tumour”

A Tough Decision

Receiving information from Mr Ahmed Ibrahim about his tumour was a lot to take in as he was still overcome with shock and disbelief, working towards processing that this is happening to him. He managed to accept all the information being told during the doctor’s visit through the support of Andrea, his wife.

“You must understand, going from a possible sports injury to looking at potential cancer is overwhelming,”

says Mr May about his visit to the consultant explaining his condition and potential treatment plan.


The decision was made by Mr Ahmed Ibrahim that a spinal surgery to remove the tumour was necessary. Faced with the reality of going through spinal surgery, Mr May couldn’t help but drown in possibilities, scenarios and fears. Fortunately, through regular visits to Mr Ibrahim along with individual research, he managed to understand the procedure completely which eased his fear towards going through the 8-hour surgery.

Mr May received his surgery and is recovering well. He is pleased that his cancer was caught before any permanent damage happens. This was due to acting once he felt something was wrong followed by a correct decision made by his GP where he suspected cancer, did the required testing and referred him to Mr Ahmed Ibrahim, the most suitable consultant for managing his case.

“Get the symptoms checked out, early as possible, I got lucky, found it before it caused irreversible damage” advises Mr May.

He is now recovering and getting back to his regular life; his advice to everyone is to listen to your bodies and listen to yourself.


“Looking back in hindsight I was having pain and numbness when I was driving for longer than an hour, same side, this I can recall back for 3 to 4 years ago.” says Mr May when asked about how long he had the symptoms. A proper diagnosis, investigation and accurate referral go a long way when it comes to saving someone’s life.


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