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Spinal Surgery


Here at London International Patient Services, our specialist consultant spinal surgeons have a wide range of experience in treating spinal (back) conditions and injuries.

We can assess nerve injuries and coordinate a rehabilitation process, achieving an optimal outcome. Our consultants work as part of multidisciplinary teams including top London pain Specialists providing the latest diagnostic, assessment and therapies in spinal care.

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We have special expertise in spinal interventional procedures for sciatica and back pains. Our spinal practice caters exclusively to treating problems of the neck (cervical), upper back (thoracic) and lower back (lumbar spine) for patients of all ages and medical conditions.

Variety of Spinal Treatments

  • Back pain (facet joint arthritis and nerve impingement)
  • Slipped disc
  • Artificial disc replacement
  • Neck pain
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Mechanical spinal pain
  • Sciatica
  • Keyhole surgery (microdiscectomy)
  • Spinal deformities surgery
  • Scoliosis surgery

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Receive treatment by world-class spinal Specialists. With London International Patient Services, you can undergo treatment by leading London spinal Specialists at top London hospitals like London Clinic, London Bridge Hospital or The Wellington Hospital.

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