Hip Pain & Injuries - Diagnosis & Treatment

Hip pain can be a real drag, limiting your mobility and interfering with daily activities. Whether it's a sudden sharp pain or a dull ache that's been lingering, hip problems can arise from various causes, from injuries to underlying conditions.  The good news is, you don't have to suffer in silence. Here at LIPS, our team of specialists can diagnose the source of your hip pain and create a personalised treatment plan to get you back on your feet and moving comfortably.

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Hip Pain Diagnosis

Hip pain can have many different causes. It can be difficult to pinpoint the part of the hip that’s really aching, let alone identify the cause. For instance, hip pain might feel like it’s coming from the hip joint when it actually originates from an inflamed muscle. So, a self-diagnosis can be wildly inaccurate.

See a doctor if you feel a sudden pain in your hip or groin or a persistent ache lasting more than a few days. A medical practitioner will run the necessary tests to identify the cause of the pain and any underlying problems.

Diagnosing hip pain usually involves imaging tests such as MRI, CT, CAT, X-ray, and ultrasound scans. If the doctor suspects an infection, they may conduct blood tests too.


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Treating and Managing Hip Pain

Treatment for hip pain depends on the cause of the pain and which part of the hip is ailing. After a proper diagnosis, the doctor may recommend some of the following hip treatments:

  • Medications:

Prescriptions for hip pain may include painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and steroid injections.

  • Physical therapy (PT):

PT aims to restore the hips’ form, function, and mobility through hands-on therapy and hip exercises.

  • Occupational therapy (OT):

An occupational therapist helps you cope with an injured or deformed hip to avoid pain. OT involves learning to live, work, and play with an imperfect hip.

  • Hip rehabilitation:

These are exercise programs focusing on strengthening, stabilising, and restoring the range of motion in the hip, particularly after recovering from a hip injury or surgery.

  • Hip resurfacing:

An orthopaedic surgeon removes the damaged surface of the hip bone or femur and replaces it with a metal surface.

  • Hip replacement:

If a hip joint is severely damaged, it can be replaced with an artificial implant. This is a standard hip treatment procedure done on people with severe hip arthritis or hip fractures.

Chronic or severe hip pain can restrict everyday activities such as walking, bending, and squatting, making it difficult to go about your day and play your favourite sports. It can also harbour a health condition with far-reaching implications if left untreated.


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Schedule a Video Consultation or a Face-to-Face appointment at your convenience by using our online booking system.

Your dedicated Specialist Doctor will provide you with personalized treatment, tailoring it to your specific needs, and may include necessary medication.

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Experts at our London clinic understand that pain is always an indication that something is wrong. That’s why we focus on treating the root cause of the pain rather than just the pain itself. On top of that, we handle each case individually, from personalised diagnosis to tailored treatment plans.

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