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Running Overview Section 2

Running is a great way to keep fit, improve your cardiovascular health, and give your mind a chance to disconnect and unwind.

For folks who run regularly, the distance adds up. Whether it's a few hundred or a few thousand kilometres every year, each step sends a small shock through your body. This repeated jolt affects your muscles and joints, along with the tissues that connect them.


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Here's a rundown of how often different body parts are affected by running injuries

  • Knees: 

A range of 7% to 50% of runners experience knee injuries.

  • Lower Leg:

Injuries affect 9% to 32.2% of the running population.

  • Upper Leg: 

This body part accounts for 3.4% to 38.1% of injuries among runners.

  • Foot:

Foot-related injuries are reported by 5.7% to 39.3% of runners.

  • Ankles:

Ankle issues arise in 3.9% to 16.6% of runners.

  • Hips, Pelvis, or Groin:

These areas are problematic for 3.3% to 11.5% of runners.

  • Lower Back:

Pain is reported by 5.3% to 19.1% of individuals who run.


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