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LIPS is the UK's largest private group of NHS consultants, leading in medical excellence. Our experts pioneer innovative treatments, surgical tech, and advanced techniques, including robotics.

Established in 1999, Alameda Healthcare is Egypt's premier private healthcare group, offering cutting-edge medical solutions. They operate world-class hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and pharmacies. Their specialized teams prioritize patient-centered care. Hospitals like Dar Al Fouad and As-Salam International have top-notch technologies and hold JCI Accreditation, demonstrating their commitment to excellence.

Second Opinion Service (SOS)

We are proud to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between LIPS and Alameda Healthcare, two distinguished leaders in the healthcare industry. This partnership brings forth a revolutionary service that provides patients  with unprecedented access to some of the most esteemed doctors from the United Kingdom.

The Second Opinion Service offers patients a unique opportunity to seek counsel from leading UK doctors, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to their healthcare needs. This collaborative effort between LIPS and Alameda exemplifies our shared commitment to delivering world-class medical expertise and personalised care to the Arab community. We are dedicated to setting new standards of excellence in healthcare, and we look forward to serving you with unwavering compassion and expertise.

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