Overseas Patients

London International Patient Services works with London’s leading teaching hospital consultants and internationally renowned private hospitals to deliver world-class treatment that is tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Many of the world’s leading doctors and most innovative teaching hospitals are to be found in London. London International Patient Services is passionate about making this unrivalled centre of medical excellence accessible to patients from all over the world. We have extensive experience of bringing together international patients with our eminent specialist doctors and consultants from every surgical discipline. Care is individually tailored to ensure that each patient is matched to the specialist and hospital best suited to his or her needs and to achieving the best possible clinical outcome.

Enjoy personalised service, cutting-edge treatment and a comfortable private room at a leading London hospital for the duration of your stay, while our patient advocates and interpreters ensure that you and your relatives are always kept informed of your treatment – even if you do not speak English. London International Patient Services takes care of every aspect of your surgery, from your initial consultation and diagnosis through to outpatient appointments, aftercare, patient transportation and airport transfers.

Whether you choose to meet with one of our senior consultants face-to-face initially or take advantage of our convenient email and videoconferencing service, you will receive your comprehensive personal treatment plan and an estimate of the cost of your treatment within twenty-four hours. Once we have received your approval or that of your sponsor or health insurer, we will immediately make arrangements for your treatment. Our extensive experience of working with embassies and international medical insurers means that we can take the stress out of the paperwork, so you can focus on what is important – your health and recovery.

Contact us today for your personal consultation and let us help you rediscover the quality of life you deserve.