Knee & Hip Surgery

“Mr. Culpan is a highly regarded and skilled surgeon who managed my hip replacement with complete success. He was accessible, highly competent, and professional. He and his team gave me complete confidence in the procedure and recovery, and I am very pleased with the result.”
Sir Tom Jones

Here at London International Patient Services, our specialist consultant surgeons understand exactly how much a replacement knee or hip can transform a patient’s quality of life for the better. This is why we are so passionate about making the entire surgical process as convenient, worry-free and personal as it can be – with the best possible long-term prognosis for each individual patient.

Your body is unique and we believe that your knee or hip replacement should be as well. From tailoring the perfect replacement joint for your physiology to helping you choose the right London hospital for your procedure, your personal consultant surgeon designs the entire surgical process around your individual needs.

London International Patient Services believes that your replacement hip or knee should feel like part of you and provide many years of natural, pain free movement. This is why we use only the very highest quality joint replacements – when indicated, each one is uniquely manufactured according to the individual femoral anatomy of the patient. Developed and produced in Switzerland by Symbios®, these are custom designed using pre-operative 3D planning software to optimise in-situ positioning of the articular surfaces and minimise joint wear over time. The result is a prosthetic joint that can support high-levels of stress – such as from sport – and deliver enduring long-term performance. Swiss quality ensures that SPS anatomic cementless stems deliver a one hundred percent survival rate over ten years, allowing you to get on with living your life without the worry of prosthetic degradation.

Choosing London International Patient Services for your hip or knee replacement ensures that you benefit from the ultimate in surgical excellence and personal aftercare. Our leading London orthopaedic consultants are at the forefront of hip and knee replacement surgery and our partner teaching hospitals enjoy a global reputation for innovation and excellence in healthcare. Contact us today for your personal consultation and let us help you to rediscover the quality of life that comes with pain-free movement.

Other common knee and hip problems

Every day with joint or muscular pain is a day with restricted movement and reduced quality of life. London International Patient Services offers a prompt, personalised service for surgical intervention on a wide range of knee and hip conditions – whether they are the result of injury or natural factors.

Knee conditions

Pain and restricted movement in one or both knees can be a blight on your quality of life, making walking difficult and limiting your ability to participate in sport. London International Patient Services has extensive experience of treating a wide range of knee conditions and helping patients to rediscover the quality of life that comes with pain-free movement.

Our London-based specialist orthopaedic consultants are internationally recognised experts in the treatment of sports knee injuries and complex revision knee surgery. Working from the world-class facilities of London’s leading teaching hospitals and applying the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques, they offer a comprehensive range of specialist surgical interventions, including anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, meniscal and joint-surface (chondral) repairs, knee-realignment procedures (osteotomies), along with treatments for patellar instability and anterior knee pain. Contact London International Patient Services today and discover how our knee surgery expertise can transform your life.

Hip conditions

Whether the result of a sports injury or hip dysplasia, hip pain is debilitating and can affect both your posture and your mobility. London International Patient Services has extensive experience of treating a wide range of hip conditions – from hamstring ruptures and sport-related hip injuries to pelvic and acetabular fractures. Our network of eminent orthopaedic surgeons is at the forefront of surgical innovation and has improved quality of life for countless hip surgery patients. Benefit from personal service and the unrivalled surgical facilities of London’s leading teaching hospitals, while receiving the very finest care from specialist consultants who are experts in the fields of complex revision hip surgery, hip fracture repairs and the fixation of pelvic and acetabular fractures. Make the pain of injury, fracture or hip dysplasia a distant memory: contact London International Patient Services today.