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London International Patient Services specialises in the provision of expert medical care in every area of medicine and surgery. Our consultants are amongst the World’s leading practitioners in their fields, with a wealth of experience in their area of practice and, with an integrated treatment approach involving experts across the surgical and non- surgical specialities. Delivering cutting-edge treatments and techniques, our consultants. They work together well to ensure all patients receive customised treatments, tailored to their specific needs.

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If your GP has not already referred you to one of our named specialist consultants, please tell us if there is a particular consultant specialist you would like to see; otherwise, our one of our appointments dedicated patient coordinators team will be delighted to assist you will discuss your requirements and assist in selecting the most suitable consultant to meet your requirements.

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Each appointment with your specialist will last about half an hour. During the consultation, your specialist consultant will review your medical history and advise you on the most suitable treatment for you. If your specialist suggests further investigations such as blood tests or imaging, these are mostly carried out on site. If you need to be admitted to hospital for surgery, this will be offered to you at one of our key partner private London hospitals. Your assigned patient coordinator will provide you with all the information required before your admission to hospital.

Why delay your treatment? Why risk the possibility of less skilled or experienced Surgeons?

LIPS assures you of treatment by a top, London-based teaching hospital Consultant, in a state of the art London private Hospital

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