Mr Asit Arora

Mr Asit Arora


ENT Airway Robotic Head & Neck Consultant Surgeon

Special Interests:

  • Head & Neck cancer
  • Minimally invasive Head & Neck surgery
  • Airway
  • Tracheostomy
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea
  • Thyroid and parathyroid disease
  • General ENT
  • Robotic surgery
  • Children and adults
  • Tonsil
  • Adenoid
  • Nose conditions
  • Salivary gland surgery


Mr Arora is an award-winning ENT, Airway Head & Neck Consultant Surgeon with a sub-specialist tertiary referral practice in Airway Head & Neck Cancer Surgery at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, London.

Mr Arora treats all forms of ENT diseases both in adults and children. He studied Medicine at Manchester Medical School graduating with Honours and winning several undergraduate prizes including best research student.

His specific skills and experiences include 3 Head & Neck Fellowships in Robotic Head & Neck centres of international repute. He pioneered Robotic Head and Neck surgery in the UK and established the 1st training program in TORS (Trans oral robotic surgery). This was the focus of his PhD at Imperial College London that culminated in several clinical trials, 15 peer review publications, 6 prestigious research prizes and 4 research grants. He remains at the forefront of surgical innovation and clinical translation in ENT- Head & Neck surgery and is recognised as a Key opinion leader in TORS. He is internationally recognised for his work in healthcare quality improvement having founded the Global Tracheostomy Collaborative, a worldwide network of top healthcare institutions which The National Institute for Health recognised as an exemplar for patient safety.

He has extensive clinical, research, education and training experience which includes over 45 peer-reviewed publications, 30 abstract publications, 9 book chapters, 10 research awards, 25 invited national/international lectures, over 90 national/international presentations and 17 grants awards of 1.1 million pounds. He leads the Education Committee of the Global Tracheostomy Collaborative responsible for international webinars to over 20 countries and I is the founder or director of 7 postgraduate courses including the internationally renowned London Head & Neck Dissection course. He is author of 2 specialist text books in ENT Head & Neck Surgery.


After graduating in 1998 from the University of Manchester, Mr Arora gained membership of the Royal College of Surgeons England in 2003 and became a fellow in 2015. He has further distinguished his experience by taking on two head and neck fellowships, one in Hamburg, Germany and another at St George’s Hospital, London. Furthermore, Mr Arora is thought of as the pioneer for head and neck robotic surgery in the UK and even established the first training program for transoral robotic surgery.

International Presentations

CEORL-HNS, Brussels 2019 (poster); British Society Head & Neck Imaging, Royal Society Medicine UK 2019

Mobile applications and pathway optimisation: improving head and neck cancer network imaging efficiency, experience

Arora A

BAHNO, London 2019 (poster); SWEAM, Bath 2019 (podium)

Head and neck cancer network imaging efficiency using mobile technology

Arora A

ITS, Dallas 2018 (podium); BACO, Manchester 2017 (poster); BLA 2017 (poster)

Paediatrics tracheostomy webinar education

Arora A

Leaders in Healthcare 2017 (poster); ENT UK Annual meeting 2017 (podium)

Patient and Family

Arora A

BAETS, Poitiers 2011 (poster); 14th BACO, Glasgow 2012 (poster); American Academy, Washington, US 2012 (poster); Hamlyn Symposium, London 2013 (poster); IFHNOS World Congress, New York 2014 (poster: distinction award); 2nd Joint European Thyroid and H&N Robotic Workshop, Hamburg 2014 (podium); 15th BACO, Liverpool 2015 (poster)

Robotic assisted Thyroidectomy

Arora A

Hamlyn Symposium, London 2012 (poster: shortlisted for distinction award)

Bespoke fixtures for robotic thyroidectomy

Arora A

5th London Surgical Symposium, London 2011 (poster: best research prize); World Robotics Symposium, Miami 2011 (podium); Cutting Edge Laryngology Kuala Lumpur 2012 (poster); Hamlyn Symposium, London 2012 (poster); BACO 2012, Glasgow 2012 (poster); American Academy, Washington, US 2012 (podium); 1st International TORS Conference, Philadelphia, US 2014 (poster: best research prize)

Biometric measures and trans oral robotic surgery

Arora A

Hamlyn Symposium, London 2012; 1st International TORS Conference, Philadelphia, US 2014; 15th BACO Liverpool 2015 (poster)

Image-guided trans oral robotic surgery for the treatment of oropharyngeal cancer

Arora A

2nd International Conference on Surgical Education and Training RCSI Dublin 2010 (podium); American Academy, Boston, US 2010 (podium); Hamlyn Symposium, London 2011 (poster) ; Royal Society Medicine, London 2011 (podium); 14th BACO Glasgow 2012 (poster); ASOHNS, Perth Australia 2013 (poster)

Validating a virtual reality temporal bone simulator

Arora A

14th BACO 2012 Glasgow 2012 (poster); ASIT Cardiff, Wales 2012 (poster)

Virtual reality simulation for teaching temporal bone anatomy: a prospective case control study

Arora A

Cutting Edge Laryngology RCS Eng London 2011 (British Laryngeal Association Award best poster)

Improving standards of tracheostomy care: a multi-disciplinary approach

Arora A

American Academy San Diego US 2009 (podium) ; 13th BACO Birmingham 2009 (poster)

Improving Tracheostomy Care in the UK

Arora A

Joint Anglo American Meeting ENT UK Dublin 2008 (podium)

Driving Standards of Tracheostomy Care: The St Mary’s MDT Approach

Arora A

12th BACO Birmingham 2006 (podium)

Obstructive sleep apnoea in children and quality of life: a prospective study before and after intervention

Arora A

British Assoc. Head& Neck Oncology, London 2004 (poster); American Academy, New York US 2004 (poster)

Long term outcome of patients with locally advanced thyroid carcinoma

Arora A

British Association of Clinical Anatomists, Glasgow 2001 (podium); European Association of Clinical Anatomy 6th Congress, Montpellier France 2001 (podium)

The surface anatomy of the inferior epigastric artery in relation to laparoscopic injury

Arora A

International Fetal Medicine & Surgery Society Annual Meeting, Heron Islands 1998 (podium); The Society for Research into Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida, 42nd Annual Meeting, Genoa Italy 1998 (podium); 9th European Conference for Junior Doctors, Berlin Germany 1998 (podium); National Fetal Society Annual Meeting, Cheltenham General Hospital 1998 (podium)

Pre-natal ventriculomegaly and hydrocephalus

Arora A

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